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5. Early Music

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  1. General starting places are: the Early Music FAQ, which provides information and answers as well as useful links
    the Early Music Institute's home page, part of the Indiana University School of Music
    Voice of Shuttle's links to early music pages and
    the Early Music Network, offering "[i]nformation and services about early music and historical performance all over the world"

  2. For specifically English early music, go to Early English Musick: 1385-1714, which includes information on composers and their works as well as a very full bibliography.

  3. Another resource with an English focus is Richard Rastall's thesis, Secular Musicians In Late Medieval England.

  4. The Mediaeval Music Database at LaTrobe University Library in Australia offers "a systematic collection of scores, colour images, texts and bibliographic information of medieval music which can be searched by text or melody and which will return musical information in the form of a modern score, text data and, where available, a colour facsimile of an original manuscript" as well as "a complete annual cycle of liturgical chant taken from original medieval sources and complete works of selected composers from the twelfth to the fifteenth centuries".

  5. Resources for chant can be found at:
    The Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae, Copenhagen for Byzantine chant and
    The Gregorian Chant Homepage for Western chant.

  6. Secular singing is the focus for Sixteenth Century Ballads .

  7. Focussing on instrumental music of the period is A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments, a site with information on the musical instruments of the period, as well as links to other sites dealing with specific instruments.

  8. Other sites with a focus on early musical instruments are A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments and Renaissance Instruments.

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