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News from the Executive Board 2

Will Kemp

REED's Executive Board met on 27 May 2004, following the sucessful Toronto launch of the latest publication in the series, REED Oxford. At this meeting, the Board passed the following motion:

All requests to consult unpublished materials (transcriptions and manuscript facsimile reproductions) must be made directly to the REED collection editor as copyright holder, who is free to share his or her work as he or she wishes, rather than to the REED Editorial Office. Before permission to use or cite unpublished materials can be granted, the collection editor and the applicant must complete and sign a Memorandum of Fair Use form, which can be downloaded from the REED website.

Peter Greenfield of the University of Puget Sound and U.S. REED Executive has received word from the National Endowment for the Humanities that the NEH Collaborative Research Program has awarded REED $25,000 in outright funds and $100,000 in matching monies for the 2004-2006 grant period.


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