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Here's the latest update for our annotated list of REED-related web resources. I've reduced the number of separate pages to 10 and added some new resources, chiefly in the expanded Local History section. The REED Anglo-Latin Wordbook (linked on in the Mediaeval and Early Modern Theatre page), has been expanded to include the collections from Cambridge through Inns of Court. And we have also added PDFs of the revised REED Handbook and the Palaeographic checking guidelines.

The need for annotated lists, that is, meta-bibliographies of sites, has never seemed greater. In the course of this update, a search engine returned 9,910,000 'hits' for the phrase 'medieval English theatre' and 99, 400,000 hits for the phrase 'early music'! It is our hope that this site will help guide its users to the resources they need to find on the web. If you know of any sites we should be listing that have fallen through the considerable cracks, please let me know at the address below. Thank you!

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