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9. Journals On-Line

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More and more journals are setting up their own web pages, or converting partly or wholly to web-based publishing, and it's hard to keep up. The Labyrinth's Journals page offers listings of on-line journals and reviews in the mediaeval period, while the Iter Bibliography here at Victoria University's Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies will, when complete, provide a comprehensive on-line bibliography of journals for that period.

The REED Newsletter (REEDN), which published documentary evidence of early drama, items on records research, and requests by scholars for information, is no longer published. However, back issues of REEDN are still available. For information, please write Melinda Gough, managing editor of Early Theatre (see below). Back issues are also on-line through the Iter website but access is open to users at subscribing institutions only, so this link won't work for everyone.

Sites of specific journals that may be of interest are:

  1. Comparative Drama.

  2. Early Modern Literary Studies

  3. Early Theatre (ET/REED) at McMaster University.

  4. The EDAM Project's site, for information on EDAM Newsletter and EDAM Review.

  5. The MRDS Newsletter.

  6. Medieval English Theatre (METh), for listings of the contents of their published volumes, shortly to be augmented with 50-word summaries of recent articles.

  7. Research Opportunities in Renaissance Drama.

  8. Renaissance Forum

  9. Shakespeare Quarterly

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